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We believe, kindness is always fashionable.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Patrick, Amanda,Taylor

Patrick, Amanda,Taylor


Together we are a symbiotic collaboration of creative ideas, personalities, skills and resources. Where one lacks, the other can often compensate. What was once a regular acquaintanceship within our small town has grown into a much larger co-curation of sorts.





I'm a big dreamer who is enthusiastic about life. I'm "smiley". I believe in quality over quantity, smart work and hard work, but always doing what you love over money. If I were to describe who I am, I would say that I'm a lover of life, every single part: food, family, friends, travel and experiences. 

I started Fadales two years ago as a small, well-intentioned lifestyle boutique with a goal to give people a place to, "Shop well and do good." With this ideal in mind, I always try to curate quality products that give back, support local/small business, family owned, small production companies that are doing good for the world. Products are the little accents in our lives, the in-betweens that add to the experiences we have and share. Those products should be as thoughtful and intentional as the rest of our lives. I hope to share a little bit of my life with you here! 


I like language. I like language and food, art, symbols, community, story-telling. I'm fascinated with what is ancient, with what is inherent, honest. I live a quiet life. I cook and I read about ecology and psychology and first peoples, and I take photographs--lots and lots of photographs. I'm curious. I, like Amanda, am a dreamer of sorts. 

I came to Fadales first, as a local who was excited about having a thoughtfully curated shop in town. It evolved from there. First I was a pop-up guest, I shot a video, took some photos for the shop, flew off to Tanzania to live and came back home soon after looking for work--creative, stimulating work. So this is where I've landed and this is where I have stayed. My place at Fadales evolves and grows, yet it is most certainly and will "always" be with the photographs. They are story-tellers. "A picture is worth a thousand words," some say, and there is truth to that. Photographs are narrative and symbol and psychology happening all at once. It's fascinating and it's work that I would be doing even if it wasn't with Fadales, even if it wasn't "work" at all. So here is where I share with you some of these aforementioned photos, and where I will write to you about the usually necessary and very lovely, "in-betweens" we call product.