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Monta, Michigan & Nostalgia

Amanda Flontek


I am writing this post while sitting in a hotel in my homestate of Michigan. It seems appropriate that this post would be written while in the state that Monta was founded and is made. I haven’t lived here in over 13 years but its funny how it will will never stop being home, the place with memories around every corner and so many reminders of my childhood spent with family. Michigan is a place that evokes nostaliga everytime I return.

Memories they are funny things you know.  They take you back in time and let you remember and revisit moments; moments that become memories.  These moments can be brought about in a moment by place, sound, or scent. Coming home this week and being in a place so full of nostaliga inspired me to share Monta, a company whos scents are focused on place.  

Monta’s scents are inspired by the landscapes we call home. They are there with you daily as a constant, as a reminder to enjoy the journey. Getting older and moving around a little and traveling more often than not, having constants in my life has become important.

I always pack something that makes home seem just a little closer no matter what side of the world I have landed on.




A Look at Our Upstairs Photography and Creative Workspace

Amanda Flontek

A behind the scenes look at our upstairs space. It's where we take a majority of the photos you see on our website and throughout social media. We didn't use the upstairs when we first moved in. There was blue/gray office carpet and office furniture from past tenants. Not the most photogenic space. We eventually grew into it though, painting the walls a fresh coat of white and ripping up the carpet and painting the floors black. The upstairs has become what almost feels like the heart of our space. It's where we do much of the fulfillment, hold our private meetings, take most of our photographs and where we put together our online shop. What once was an underused space now feels really special. It's where we have some of our most fun. 

Tarragon Truffle Cortado

Amanda Flontek

When it comes to coffee, I could easily drink multiple cups a day. If given the choice I would almost always choose to drink it straight--pure and black with nothing added. That being said, when given the option of hot beverages tea has been my go to choice, with coffee being only an occasional indulgence and a drink that I savor.  

No, I am not a coffee connoisseur. I can not pretend to know much about it without exposing my lack of knowledge surrounding the beverage. While I don't know much about the technical terms or how to pull a good shot of espresso, I do know what my palette prefers and enjoys.      

In my lifetime, drinking coffee has become more of an experience. The coffee shop--as we know it in the USA--has set apart a beverage that was mostly taken for granted. This once simple daily drink, morning routine, and stimulant has become a daily ritual that is more thoughtful than just pouring coffee grounds into a machine and flipping a switch.

I enjoy a good cup of plain coffee as much as any coffee lover, but since it is only an occasional indulgence for me I am often pulled towards the more decadent choices. And while I appreciate the specialty drinks on coffee shop menus, I prefer not to incorporate artificial flavors into my cup. Finding a coffee shop that offers seasonal drinks with real whole ingredients is always exciting and something worth driving out of the way to experience!

This recipe was inspired by a coffee shop in Maryland where I enjoyed one of the most amazing truffle latte's I have had the pleasure of tasting!


Parlement Chocolate bar 1.7oz

Fresh chopped Tarragon 1.5 TBSP

Heavy cream 1.2oz

Espresso 1 shot

Whole Milk 1/4 C.



Chop chocolate bar and place in a glass bowl.  Chop fresh tarragon. Heat heavy cream on stove top with tarragon until just before boiling. Let steap for 10 mins. Reheat heavy cream strain and pour over chocolate and whisk until blended. Let sit until room temperature then place in fridge until cold and soild. Use small melon scoop to scoop 1/2 in balls. Grease hands with butter and roll into perfect spheres.


Place truffle and one shot of espresso in coffee cup. Mix until truffle is melted and pour in heated whole milk. Enjoy!